Lianne Peters is a Senior Consultant for Interfinanz Pty Ltd, specialising in working with Heads of Finance and Chief Financial Officers to help coach their businesses towards a strong currency risk management framework.

Lianne works with her clients in the application of broad principles that are designed to both protect businesses as well as allowing them to benefit from currency fluctuations should market conditions allow. Currency risk management can no longer be an afterthought, but rather it must be front and centre.

Before joining Interfinanz, Lianne worked for some of the largest non-bank providers of independent global payment and risk management solutions, helping clients mitigate their currency risk and streamline their international payments process. Lianne has built a strong reputation with her client base over the years, and with a demonstrated ability to gain client trust and providing exceptional communication, this has led to increasing, repeat and referral business.

Lianne is RG146 Accredited with a diploma in foreign exchange, and more than 20 years’ experience in sales and client management. Lianne is highly client focused, genuine and takes pride in looking after her clients and achieving their business goals. She understands that integrity goes a long way in building strong long-term relationships. You can expect full transparency when working with Lianne.

If you would like to have a discussion with Lianne on developing a system to support your business practices and manage your currency exposure, you can reach Lianne on lp@interfinanz.com.au.