Established in 2003, Interfinanz began as an alternative to transaction-driven financial institutions and to address that all too common question:

who can I trust to give me risk management advice that is specifically designed for my business?

Our brand is set apart by its singular focus on providing bespoke risk management advice that supports each of our clients’ business activities. Crafted to meet the expectations and goals of each individual business and its management team, time is taken to understand the principles on which the business is based, its growth trajectories and challenges as well as key goal performance measurement practices.

Whether the exposures are currency, interest rate or commodity related, our goal remains the same:

to maximise the business value of each client through the implementation of an effective risk management strategy.

If financial market volatility keeps you awake at night, is wiping out your profits or is diverting you from your core business activities, you do not have an effective risk management strategy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy rests on two key principles that risk management is most intelligent when it is most business like, a principle borrowed from that giant of the investment community, Benjamin Graham. The second: that risk management is as much about return enhancement as it is about risk mitigation.

When it comes to our clients, we believe that collaboration is the key to a successful outcome. Working with you to understand and model your business practices underpins our risk management methodology and is the foundation from which we build a broad risk management framework for your specific business requirements. We then assess your attitude to risk, tailoring the advice and building a strategy that can be modified over time as your initial anxiety towards financial markets begins to dissipate.

How do we know such an approach will succeed?

Constant and regular review of the approach as well as its performance ensures the strategy’s continued success in meeting your goals.