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Harness Currency Fluctuations to Enhance Your Profits

And Turn Your Currency Strategy Into An Additional Revenue Stream

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Want More Than Just Loss Protection

From Your Currency Risk Management?

Like many Australian importers and exporters, you obviously want to protect your downside from wild currency fluctuations (with recent swings of between 14 to 35 cents a year – which could mean a $175,000 difference on each $1,000,000 transaction). But would you also like a way to profit from favourable fluctuations without being limited by locked in rates?

Do you find the currency markets daunting and time consuming, and wish there was an easier, faster, more secure way to optimise your foreign exchange transactions for maximum profits?

Have you lost money (or missed profit opportunities) due to currency fluctuations in the past, and want a more robust risk management strategy to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

And like most entrepreneurs, do you want a way to harness the market to enhance your profits, so you can turn every transaction into an additional, low-risk profit source?

We’ve developed a Currency Success Strategy Session to answer entrepreneurs’ questions so you can optimise your foreign exchange transactions for maximum profit. Click below for independent advice specific to your situation.

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How We Help You

Harness Currency Fluctuations To Propel Your Profits

Currency markets change constantly (especially recently). Nobody can stop them or control them. However, like a skilled sailor adjusts the sails to leverage the changing wind, we help entrepreneurs adjust their strategies to harness the power (and profits) of the changing market.

Unlike traditional hedging products that only seek to protect you against losses (based on a pre-agreed price), our holistic strategies also give you the opportunity to profit from market changes.

And while banks and brokers often have a product focus, we assess your specific needs and provide structured guidance, a tailored plan, and expert implementation to help you protect and propel your profits.

Introducing the Interfinanz Value Hedging Model™

The Proven Process To Optimise Your Foreign Exchange Outcomes

Over the past 20 years we have developed and refined a system to ensure consistent results for our clients. Combined with our rigorous research, client collaboration, and outcome-focused advice, the Interfinanz Value Hedging Model™ enables us to help clients protect and enhance their profits despite currency fluctuations, so you can grow your business with certainty.

image The Interfinanz Value
Hedging Model
Diversified product types
Diversified exchange rates
Diversified maturity dates
Diversified counter parties
Appropriate transaction size

What Other Entrepreneurs Say

Over the past 20 years we’ve helped many Australian entrepreneurs optimise their foreign exchange outcomes. Here’s what some of them say about the results they’ve achieved and their experience with Interfinanz.

Adrienne has provided outstanding service…

Her proactive approach to our forward exchange issues has always made us feel that we had a contact… genuinely interested in helping us…

Rob Edis Financial Controller – Getz Bros & Co (Aust) Pty Ltd

…your professional and proactive approach has clearly added substantial value… thank you for your patience as you coached me through some more sophisticated products, the likes of which I did not understand twelve months ago. You have delivered more than just transactional support…

Trevor Haines Finance and IT Director – Stellar Films Group

…thank you for taking the time to explain and guide us through our currency commitments.

Your friendly approach and input was invaluable and made the daunting prospect of hedging relatively easy…

Kendra van de Merwe Golden Breed Corporation Pty Ltd

…it was gratifying to be the recipient of fresh and innovative ideas which you kept putting in front of us in order to make sure we got the most out of our [banking] relationship…

Gary Hearst Joint Managing Director – Tempo Holidays Pty Ltd

Your Currency Risk Management Options Compared:

Trying to navigate volatile currency markets can be daunting and time-consuming. It can be helpful (and profitable) to have a guide who is immersed in foreign exchange strategy daily. But who can you trust?
Here are some important criteria to consider:


Manage the market with an Interfinanz personalised program

Ride the market and accept the price of the day

Bank or Broker:
Hedge the market with a locked in rate


Profits are both protected and maximised in all market conditions

Profits are dependent on currency movements and are out of your control. If the market moves against you, your profits could be eroded

Your profits may be protected, but if the market moves favourably, you lose out on potential profits

Fear spectrum

Certainty and excitement because you’re optimised for security and profit no matter what the market is doing

Exhausting emotional swings from excitement (profit) to panic (loss) – with no control or certainty – depending on market movements

From neutral (zero outcome) to buyer’s remorse (lost opportunity and profits) when markets move favourably

Risk Profile

Investment Mindset:
Creates opportunities for profits using proven financial instruments (harnesses the market)

Gambling Mindset:
Hopes for the best and worries about the worst (at the mercy of the market)

Scarcity Mindset:
Reduces risk of loss caused by adverse price movements
(submits to the market)

Involvement from business leader

Collaboration with Interfinanz to ensure you get the best result with full support so you can focus on growing your business

24/7 mental and emotional commitment required

Substantial commitment required with limited support from banks and brokers who tend to be product-focused and take a reactive or set-and-forget approach


Yes. Interfinanz is licensed by ASIC to give tailored advice and implementation for your unique needs and business structure(s)

No. Business leaders are on their own and must educate themselves

No. Banks and brokers usually only provide general advice, not taking your circumstances into consideration


Yes. We follow a strict code of conduct including total price transparency

Yes, but only in the spot market if you compare market rates yourself

Generally, no

Stress and emotional involvement from business leader

No stress – all contingencies are covered and planned for

High stress, particularly reacting to global events like pandemics (emotional rollercoaster)

Low stress – but no potential for profit

Time commitment to watch market




Exchange Rate Risk

Actively managed to help you achieve your goal outcomes


Reduced and modified, but not eliminated


Interfinanz takes an educational approach, explaining each step of the process

Huge investment in self – education in a complex, fast – moving market

Banks will educate you (but only on their products)

Stress Testing Strategies To Ensure Reliability In Extreme Fluctuations

Yes. We anticipate and simulate market fluctuations as part of our risk management process



Accountability for advice

Yes, Interfinanz is licensed and accountable for our advice

Yes, business leaders are accountable to themselves, not a customised strategy to protect and enhance your profit


Product or strategy approach?

Customised strategy to protect and enhance your profit



Addressing immediate and future goals

We help you reach your current goals and provide guidance as to what you may achieve in the future

Business owners are responsible for setting and achieving their own goals

Banks attempt to respond to the immediate goals you provide


Consistent payment rate helps you manage your cashflow

Your cash flow is at the mercy of the market

Some control over cashflow, but largely influenced by the market due to ad-hoc transactions

About Our Founder, Adrienne Sartori

Adrienne has one goal: to revolutionise the way businesses manage their financial market exposures whether they be currency, interest rate or commodity related. Through her venture, Interfinanz, she is confident this goal will succeed.

As Managing Director and Founder of Interfinanz, Adrienne’s desire is to work with business owners to ensure that their financial market exposures are a source of support for business activities rather than a cause of ongoing risk and anxiety.

Central to the Interfinanz methodology is a desire to optimise business value and Adrienne brings a determination to change generally accepted risk management practices and empower business owners to view financial markets as a source of business confidence rather than business risk.

This Is Your Next Step

Towards More Lucrative Foreign Exchange Outcomes

Our process is simple and starts with a Currency Success Strategy Session during which:

  • You’ll get a crystal-clear picture of how you’re tracking compared to other importers / exporters (and specific ideas for improvement)
  • You’ll gain greater clarity over your foreign exchange goals (and options available to protect and enhance your profits)
  • You’ll identify transactional mistakes that may be eroding your profits (including exchange rates, maturity dates, product types and more)
  • You’ll discover numerous promising avenues and next steps to help you create a lucrative foreign exchange profit centre (without sacrificing your security in the market)
  • You’ll explore our unique process where we will tailor and implement a risk management framework that protects and enhances your profits despite currency fluctuations, so you can grow your business, with confidence

Please be assured this will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. Rather, you will receive personalised strategies relevant to your specific situation.

Naturally, you can take our ideas and try to implement them yourself. Or join the many successful clients we help with specialist, personalised service. In any case, we look forward to meeting you for your no-obligation, Currency Success Strategy Session.

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