Adrienne has one goal: to revolutionise the way privately owned businesses manage their foreign exchange positions. Through her venture, Interfinanz, she is confident this goal will be achieved.

As Managing Director and Founder of Interfinanz, Adrienne’s core objective is to work with entrepreneurs to ensure that their exposures to currency fluctuations are a source of support for business activities rather than a cause of ongoing risk and anxiety.

At its core, Interfinanz is about optimising business value and Adrienne brings to the table a determination to change the generally accepted wisdom and empower importers and exporters to take control of their currency hedging activities. Adrienne so strongly believes in this quest, that Interfinanz as trusted advisor, teaches its clients over time how to make these decisions while maintaining a weather eye on events in case unusual circumstances arise.

After receiving a Bachelor of Commerce degree and following a 15 year career working with large listed corporations while employed by some of the worlds most prestigious financial institutions, Adrienne developed the first versions of her methodology designed to both protect clients and help them benefit from currency fluctuations. Following the introduction of new regulations that frustrated the delivery of her platform to her listed client base, Adrienne identified an opportunity to provide this same hedging framework to privately owned businesses. She then set about obtaining a financial services licence and established Interfinanz to direct the delivery of the model.

Driven by passion and a desire to see her clients succeed, Adrienne has spent the last five years refining and testing the process so that it is now sufficiently generic for all export/import business applications but able to be easily tailored to suit the idiosyncrasies of each client and their business environment.

In addition to her foreign exchange activities, Adrienne spent a number of years working with listed corporations in the management of their interest rate risk and in 1998 was voted no.7 in the BRW national survey of interest rate advisors. In this capacity, she uses a similar methodology to ensure protection with the possibility of profiting from fluctuating interest rates.

Adrienne’s unwavering energy and enthusiasm for Interfinanz’s approach comes from a deep-seated belief that Interfinanz will challenge the way hedging practices are currently undertaken and shift the balance of knowledge and power back to the entrepreneur.