Not all Risk Management Strategies are created equal

Ours is an active management model, designed to match your internal business practices, providing:

  1. Sound and considered decisions based on careful analysis, experience and a disciplined focus on long term objectives;
  2. A clear risk management strategy and methodology to ensure that your business stays on course and achieves its goals;
  3. Regular review and monitoring of performance, critically assessing all aspects of the business to ensure its ongoing success; and
  4. Consideration of external factors that could influence business performance

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help more and more business owners experience confidence when dealing in currency markets. Together with our clients, we are creating more successful and robust businesses that in turn contribute to a resilient world today and for the future.

Our Values

  1. We are fiduciary to our clients
  2. We are passionate about performance
  3. We take emotional ownership
  4. We are committed to the future success of all our stakeholders

Effective Risk Management

‘Risk management is as much about return enhancement as it is about risk mitigation’, Lionel Martinelli, Professor of Finance EDHEC Business School.

‘Investment is most intelligent when it is most business like’, Benjamin Graham

Borrowing and building on these concepts, Interfinanz offers a truly bespoke risk management methodology to address your financial risks, whether they arise from currencies, interest rates or commodities.